April 10, 2005

Labour vote fraud

This is from the paper edition of the Sunday Times, however it was on the front page so anyone that wants too should be able to find it quite easily:
"A cabinet Committee chaired by Peter Hain, the Commons Leader, decided that the safe-guards where 'clearly needed' to prevent electoral fraud in postal votes.
"Ministers went as far as to draw up a bill but then dropped it after a government-commissioned study showed it would reduce the turnout of key Labour voters such as the young and poor."
So there is is not only did they create a system that has made a mockery of our democratic system, a system that would "disgrace a banana republic" but they not only knew it was dangerous but deliberately did nothing as it might lead to fewer New Labour votes. The fact that some of these New Labour votes came from vote factories set up by corrupt Labour Party members eager to exploit the fact that it is "wide open to fraud" made no difference, a Labour vote is a Labour vote. It didn't matter if the ballot was actually any connection to the will of the people so long as the tick was besides the Labour name. But this is from the party that thinks that reforming the House of Lords simply means getting many more of its supporters in, rather than actual reforms might give it some kind of legitimacy, 'Legitimacy' obviously being below 'Power' on their lists of objectives.


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